See you on Thursday, February 23, 2023 to support the finalists of the Baleinev Springboard!


The first two steps are over, the jury has decided on the 3 finalist artists/groups. Here is their presentation:


Skilled behind the turntables as well as in his live shows, Owelle mélange les styles et les ambiances en utilisant la techno, l’IDM ou le breakbeat pour façonner son propre cocktail de musique électronique, à la fois acidulé et doux.

mixes styles and moods using techno, IDM or breakbeat to create his own cocktail of electronic music, both acid and sweet.

During her performances in festivals such as La Bâtie, Electron and Antigel, the Geneva-based DJ has demonstrated her love for electronic music productions by taking the audience on a space-time journey.

After several self-releases, she releases her new EP "Detuned Leashes" in 2023, mixed and mastered by Feldermelder on the Biel-based label Creaked. Get ready to take off!

OWELLE finalist of the Tremplin Baleinev - Pre-festival contest







Solo project born in 2020 during the pandemic, e-garbage wants to be mainly techno, oriented live and studio production. Articulated around the DIY approach, the musician mixes several of his passions by building his instruments from salvaged materials and integrating them into his live setup.

The inside of the machines, their beats and the fascination they exert is the essence of what e-garbage wishes to transmit through his music, which he develops by thinking each sound to measure. Techno, at the heart of the project, is embellished with influences from leftfield, industrial music (techno and rock), dark synth, break and bass music. The final objective: to abandon oneself to the unique immobile journey that electronic music offers.

E-GARBAGE finalist of the Tremplin Baleinev - Pre-festival contest



DJ and producer from Prangins, Lunar Impact is passionate about electronic music and composes sounds ranging from melodic house/techno to more upbeat techno.

Inspired by artists such as Enrico Sanguiliano, Tale of Us or Clap Codex, he likes during his sets to ambience the audience melodically before transporting them progressively to foot-tapping techno, by adding some of his own productions.

LUNAR IMPACT finalist of the Tremplin Baleinev - Pre-festival contest


Meet them on Thursday 23 February 2023 from 8:30 pm on the L'Amalgame stage to support them! We remind you that the winner will have the chance to play on the outdoor stage of the 29th edition of the Baleinev Festival on Friday, April 21st.

The announcement of the winning artist/group will be made at our press conference on Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 10:30 am! Stay tuned, more information will follow ;-)

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