The program of the 28th edition is unveiled !

Have you guessed what the Baleinev Festival was up to ?!

The team had to surpass themselves to get through all the obstacles and to be able to enter the secret place where the program of the 28th edition of the festival is located !

So get ready, because it's going to resound on Friday, April 24, 2020 at the HEIG-VD !


The Big Stage by Travys

VenBeto (CH) – Nathalie Froehlich (CH) – Arma Jackson (CH) – Miel de Montagne (FR) – Tiburk (FR)

The outdoor scene

Rebel Duck (CH) – Alice Roosevelt (CH) – Promethee (CH)

The scene E03

Technoemi (CH) – JOKAX3000 (CH) – Bunny Face (CH) – Tao H (FR) – Krat-R (FR)


To get your ticket for CHF 18.00, you just have to go on :


Price of the pre-hire : CHF 18.00

Price on site : CHF 28.00