Pimp My Wall - Interview Nouveau Concept !

Pimp My Wall

Every year, Pimp My Wall offers festivalgoers the opportunity to draw from his phone on the HEIG-VD buildings. This activity adds a dynamic and interactive element to the evening.

This year, Pimp My Wall has been redesigned with the festival-goer in mind :

  • An elegant interface will allow you to choose which application the festival-goer wants to use : Drawing ? Play ? Everything is possible with this new concept! For this year, only the drawing application is assured, but with a little luck, it will be possible to do even more than drawing ;
  • The waiting time will be known in order to know when the festival-goer will be able to draw on the school buildings ;
  • A drawing-review application that will allow you to choose the color and thickness of the line as well as the background on which the festival-goer wishes to draw.

For the 2019 edition of the Baleinev Festival, Pimp My Wall will have about thirty screens on the HEIG-VD buildings.

The new version of Pimp My Wall will be used for this 27th edition and can hope to evolve to be even better in the coming years !