The Puppetmastaz are a Rapgroup consisting of puppets. They call themselves a „Toyband“, the first in the world actually.
Imagine a mixture of the Muppet Show and the Wu-Tang Clan.

After some appearances on TV Stations, they released their first Album, „Creature Funk“ in 2003. The Single „Pet Sound“ reached underground fame and their 2005 Single Release „Bigger the
Better“ had even better Airplay. The second Album “Creature Shock Radio”, released in 2005 on Louisville Records led the
Puppetmastaz to the next Level of their carreer and became a great success.

With that, they tried to build a new world order for all puppets and animals with their third album "The Takeover“ in 2008.
Eventually the humans treated this Fraggolution just as another publicity stunt. The figures of the PM-crew were
devastated, that the Puppetrevolution was a failure and the Humans are still in the main power positions, nothing has
changed. Heavy arguing inside the crew followed. But who was to blame? Maloke, Rhyno and Snuggles got into a fist fight.
It was time for the fourth ”Break Up” Album in 2009.

They searched the cosmos for new signs, which way to go, what values to transmit?
After three years of traveling space they passed countless adventures and met strange species. Then came the next
album 2012 „Revolve and step up!“