Electrypnose (live) - CH


Electrypnose, Electric Hypnosis, is Vince Lebarde's multi-colored musical project.

Created in 2001, Electrypnose explores and shares its music in a world of electronic sounds. Based in the Swiss Alps, the laboratory has never stopped being active since its beginnings. Today, more than 100 tracks and 10 albums have been released on various labels around the globe.

Electrypnose has performed at the vast majority of festivals, such as Boom, Ozora, Modem, Freqs of Nature, Universo Paralello, Fusion, Eclipse, Rainbow Serpent and many others, as well as at all possible parties and clubs. His musical directions range from techno to progressive, from pleasant daytime moods to darker nighttime ones, to the more energetic tempos of forest and dark-psy trance. Chillout inspirations are also an integral part of his work.

Expect a journey driven by passion during his live performance at the Baleinev Festival.