Broken Bridge - CH

Garage Rock

They have the fury of sixties punk, the dirty dandyism of sixties punk, the attire of sixties punk. Listening to them, you'd think you were in a small blind room in Manchester, with a bock in your hand and your eyes reddened by cigarette smoke.

They are Broken Bridge: a garage punk trio with the will to shake up the rock scene in Switzerland. Under the angelic airs of the boy band hide in reality three gentleman-rockers possessed by trance and frenzy. Don Saltamontes tortures electric guitars, Redd Knee beats the drums like a devil and Nikolai spices up the sauce with his bass groove. They scream with a spitfire voice, nice hymns to the glory of rock'n'roll, passed through the filters of lo-fi, replaying the golden age of the bad boys.