Braingineers (live) - CH


The Braingineers' story began a few years ago, somewhere on a Swiss dancefloor, when two young psychedelic enthusiasts met. However, it would be a few years before they started together in a studio. DJs, event organizers and good friends, Fabio and David shared the same passion and dream for a long time... To produce their own music and blow up dancefloors around the world.

After years of DJing and producing with their solo projects, inspired by the Groovy-Night and Forest sounds, they finally came up with the idea to merge these two styles into one driving force. Given the obvious chemistry between them and the same sense of humor, a trip together to Goa (India) was the best decision to make, and probably also the best place to play as they were able to play their very first Braingineers gig, setting the project in motion. Back home, more motivated and inspired than ever, the studio became their second home where they started to refine the existing and create a style of their own.

Afterwards, they join their favorite and legendary British label, Bom Shanka Music, where you can expect some interesting releases. So stay tuned and come to the dancefloor of the E03 in Yverdon-les-Bains to see their live show!