Alison & the Twins - CH

Rock Alternatif

Why choose between soaring and dancing when you can do both? Alison & the Twins travels in a parallel dimension, lost in a space-time halfway between the past and the future. After having been recognized in 2018 by the jury of the prestigious Emergenza festival as the best band of the competition at the national level, the group returns with "Transition" a new energetic and hallucinated opus hallucinated 4 years after its first eponymous EP. The compositions check all the boxes of a dystopian work dystopian work inflated by big rock riffs and bewitching breaks that send the listener to the field of the listener onto the battlefield of a human-machine conflict. The compositions are direct, without without artifice and without flourishes to reach you full force. A powerful voice, a guitar which electrifies accompanied by a drum and a bass in fusion, add to that the fluorescent effects in effects in concert and you will have the recipe proposed by the inhabitants of Lausanne to show you how deep the rabbit hole of the rabbit hole is deep.